Elite clubhouse and residence complex, Moscow city centre

Elite clubhouse and residence complex is located in Khamovninki district 7 km away from the city center. This architectural ensemble consists of five 10-12 story buildings with a green inner yard and a total capacity of 90 residential facilities of 73-264 sq.m. each, including two-level penthouses with rooftop access.

The property is equipped with an environmentally friendly, modern, integrated engineering system.

Infrastructure of the complex includes a full capacity gym with a swimming pool and spa, a winter garden, cigar and billiards rooms, a library, a movie theater and a kindergarten. Indoor parking can accommadate about 350 vehicles. The complex is under, multi-level, 24/7 security surveillance.

Economy class residential facility, south-west of Moscow

The subject of the property is a multi-functional facility with a combined gross area of 16,862 sq.m. located in the south-west part of Moscow with a 5 minute walking distance from the nearest metro station Kaluzhskaya.

The property is located on a land plot previously used for transport parking and servicing. The subject land plot is going to be developed with a residential facility. After demolition of the existing structures, the plan is to construct a residential complex with a combined gross area of about 120,000 sq.meters, including an area of sale of about 102,000 sq.meters.

The building is built in consideration with the modern standards for an economy class residential facility.

According to the market data the total construction costs of the residential complex will amount to about $364,218,000 (including the municipality fee) or $3,035 per sq.m. of gross area.